2001 Nissan Pathfinder (368)


This week I drove the 2001 Mid-year Nissan Pathfinder 4X4. I hadn’t looked at this car since the 1997 model in August 1996. I’ve always loved to drive these but the fact that they suck up too much gas turns me off. If they can put a man on the moon they can improve gas performance on cars.

I’m sorry guys, but that’s the truth. Unless of course you subscribe to the theory that we never landed on the moon and that was just staged in Hollywierd.

Well, since gas is sure to be given away soon after we take over the oil fields of the Middle-East SUV’s will be even more popular than they are now. My estimates are that 2 out of 10 cars on the road are SUV’s and there is no stopping them – unless they come up with an engine that burns water. Did you ever notice that bottled water is more expensive than gas? That is even more obvious in the Middle East where a liter of water can cost you about $4.00. Is that insane or what.

Handling & Performance:

Don’t let anyone tell you that Premium gas is a must. It simply isn’t so. I’ve driven all cars with unleaded gas and they operate just fine.


Not bad but pretty much stamped out from the mold used by most SUV manufacturers.

Fit and Finish:

Real nice. I can’t say enough for the Japanese carmakers when it comes to attention to detail. They take genuine pride in craftsmanship – the lost art in so much of America’s work force.


Like many cars today, this pathfinder had auto up/down window controls. I’ve got used to most of them but can understand passengers who’ve had problems stopping the window where they wanted to. I also like the rear door handles that are easy to use. Lots of room in the cargo area but the roof rack is great for this class vehicle made for the out of doors.


Way too much with all the bells and whistles like Navigation system, leather package and entertainment center you’ll pay a whopping $38 grand. That’s about $7,000 more than the base price noted below for the standard feature package.


Put a down payment on a house and buy American, let’s say a Saturn for $10 grand. But if you must buy an SUV save some dough and buy this 2001 where the dealers are likely to deal on now that the 2002’s are out.

The Competition:

Acura MDX $34,700-39,300, Chevrolet Trail Blazer $25-34,000, Dodge Durango $25-36,500, Ford Explorer $21-34,000, GMC Envoy $29-34,000, Isuzu Rodeo $18-32,000, Jeep Grand Cherokee $25-37,000, Land Rover Discovery $33-37,000, Mercury Mountaineer $29-31,000, Mitsubishi Montero $32-36,000, Toyota 4Runner $26-26,000.

Good News:

Comfortable, you can have great features like the Navigation and entertainment systems, powerful, roomy, confident rugged feel.

Bad News:

Terrible gas consumption,

Standard Equipment:

3.5 liter V6 240 horsepower engine, 4-speed auto trans, 4-wheel drive system, 4-wheel ABS power brakes, power steering, heavy duty independent front suspension, stabilizer bars, 5,000 lb towing capacity, roof rack, tow hooks, Bose audio system, 6 disc CD changer, power sliding sunroof, steering wheel audio controls, cruise control, climate control, Homelink Transmitter, simulated wood trim, digital compass and temp. measure, power door locks and windows, power mirrors, remote keyless entry, security system, leather wrapped wheel and shift lever, dual air bags, child safety rear locks and theft deterrent system.

Gas Stats:

15 City and 19 Highway MPG.


MSRP $31,799.

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