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Excellent review that you did on an excellent car.  I read your review today in the Country Journal and you are spot on.  I bought a Mazda Sport six weeks ago and have put 2k miles on it; this is an amazing car for an amazing price (I paid 24.6k at Galpin and that inculdes tax, license, and everything).  .  From my experience the mpg DOES meet or exceed the 26-30-38 that is advertised.  Me, I’m retired and have a fairly light foot and am good at anticipating things, so I know when to let up on the gas.  I suspect that the people that get less than the advertised mpg are zoom-zoomers and boy for a family sedan my new Mazda can ZOOM.  On each fill up I calculate the mpg and it has always been within a half mile of what the car’s computer says (I then reset the computer mpg for the next fill-up).  I’ve been getting 32-33 mpg on short drives here in Acton and on a drive from Acton to Mojave and back the computer said I got 38.4 mpg (my calc was 38.2) with the cruise set at 70.

I enjoy your columns each week and even your commentary (many times I don’t agree with your politics, but sure respect you exercising your free speech).  I would like to hear your views on the NSA leeks that have exposed that they are storing every piece of communication (including this email) that they can get their hands on.  Hopefully you will include a paragraph on this subject in a future car review, you know like, this car is so sound deadening that even the NSA cannot snoop through its body… I suspect that you are also appalled by our governments spying.  To me Ben Franklin said it best: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”. This fiscally conservative liberal agrees.  The terrorist have won by enabling our governmentto blatantly spy on us all.

Anywho, I do very much appreciate your columns.  Thanks

ps  Mazda should make a coupe version of the new 6.


My husband and I read your article (re: Subaru Legacy) in the Country Journal and just had to write you.  About a month ago we purchased a Subaru Outback.  Before buying, we did our homework.  Look at every model (excluding luxury lines) and read reviews.  My husband had not wanted a AWD vehicle.  However, I went to the library and Consumer Reports had nothing but good things to say about Subaru.  He agreed to look and when we went for our test drive we looked at each other and said “this is it”.  We couldn’t be happier with our purchased.  We had previously owned Volvos and they were excellent as well.  We were looking for room (for our new dog) and little bit bigger than what we had.  The Outback has it all.  Storage, fuel economy, dependability, quiet ride, great dashboard and comfortable.  We always read your articles and it was good to know that you wrote so highly about Subaru. 

Thank you for your contributions and we look forward to more in the future.

Best regards,




I just read your review of the 2014 Dodge Charger R/T Plus 100th Anniversary Edition. What stuck out was you comment abount your F350.

I just traded in my 2007 F350 crew cab, long bed, 6.0 diesel (with Edge Performance) fully loaded Lariet for a 2015 F350 crew cab, long bed, 6.7 diesel, fully loaded (sticker $65K+) Lariet. Last week my wife and I pulled our 13k lbs gooseneck living quarter horse trailer 800 miles round trip.

The difference between the two was amazing. We own a 2013 Lexus RX350 and a 2014 Lexus CT200. The Truck drove almost the same as the RX350 and much more comfortable and with many more options than even available in the CT200. We drove home, south up the “grapevine” at 62 – 65 miles per hour. the RPMs were at 2300 – 2400, oil temp never went over 244 and transmission temp never passed 213…even though the outside temperature was about 102 at the time.

If you live anywhere near Agua Dulce Ca (Los Angeles County) I would be happy to drive you aroung for a few hours. Anf then straight to Galpin Ford where you can get your own 🙂

Billy Alch
Voge Inc.
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