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2020 Jayco Precept 31 UL Motorhome

By Joseph Mavilia
An Automotive Love Affair

There are many motorhomes to choose from, and I’ve looked at many over the years but have only owned two brands: Winnebago and most recently the Jayco line

Some years ago, I reviewed the Fleetwood Bounder and by and large it was a...

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2020 Toyota Avalon XSE Hybrid

By Jim Powell

In 1957, there was a Japanese manufacturer that wanted to break into the American automotive market with a small economy car and one Land Cruiser. They had a plan to match and exceed the American expectations on reliability and efficiency. After rapid growth...

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2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition

By Jim Powell – MPG Automotive Journalist

There are few SUV’s in the world that conjure up as many legends as the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Wiley’s Jeep has its place in history and inspired the Japanese to develop 4x4 vehicles post-WWII. The Land Cruiser has crossed every...

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2019 Kia K900

By Jim Powell

What a surprise to schedule the newest Kia Forte and have a 2019 Kia K900 delivered to our location instead. The all-new 2019 Forte is financially more important to Kia but, in the meantime, I had to drive the composed and smooth K900...

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