2001 Ford Mustang GT (370)

This week I had a chance to drive the regular every day version of the Ford Mustang GT. They continue in the tradition of the Mustang that entered the scene in the mid 1960’s. They have always been sporty albeit basic transportation cars.

But the price is more than basic. Basic today isn’t even VW that was a cheap car when Mustang was born. Cheap is reserved for the Kia, Saturn, Hyundai, Toyota Corolla and Echo and the like. But for a good old-fashioned muscle car the price is competitive. It really continues to compete with the Camaro and Firebird. Macho guys have to love this kind of car because it is truly the last of a dying breed of car to those of us who learned to drive and fell in love with the automobile in the middle years of this past century. 

Some feel that car prices have gone through the ceiling but they haven’t, even though they are as high as house prices 25 to 30 yrs ago. That is especially appalling when you consider that houses still appreciate in value while cars will always be depreciating assets. Does that mean a car is a bad investment. Yep. But then we buy cars for “convenient” transportation that gives us the freedom to move around easily and provide that sense of adventure.

Handling & Performance:

Raw power linked to a 5-speed manual trans on the console and a heavy foot combines for driving excitement. You sit low and the car sits lower for great cornering. The great exhaust sound is reminiscent of the muscle cars so popular 40 to 50 years ago, and the low roar brings out that machismo in men. The exhaust also helps to drown out the road noise that should have been better insulated at the factory. The scoop on hood gives that racy supercharged look and that identifies the driver as twenty something. Shifting was smooth but I felt the reach was more than it needed to be. It should have been back a bit


Youthful as always and that racy look gives a carefree image. They are timeless and always in style.

Fit and Finish:

There was a bit of a vibration under dash that turned out to be the clutch rattling under the floorboard. Closing the doors is tinnier sounding than I expected from a Mustang. The back seat is small and not for long trips but ok for short distances or little kids.


I like the pass through rear seats on both sides that make the trunk much more useful. This is especially needed for cars with small trunks. I also appreciate center consoles that add to storage for cell phones and sunglasses, etc.


Not bad Charlie Brown, speaking of relativity, Albert.

Consumer Recommendation:

Buy the house and grow your investment, but if you want to have some driving fun grab hold and hang on when you mash the pedal to the metal. Ok, enough clues, have you guessed my age yet? Ok, one more. I attended Pasadena High School when it was on the same campus with PCC (Pasadena City College) in Pasadena (not Texas), California, USA. Oh, the competition, it’s like the ladies – I love ‘em all. By the way, you may want to look at the Bullitt version for about $3,000 more.

The Competition:

Acura RSX $20-23,000, BMW Z3 $31-38,000, Chevrolet Camaro $18-29,000, Chrysler Sebring $18-29,000, Mitsubishi Eclipse $18-26,000, Pontiac Firebird $20-32,000, Toyota Celica $17-22,000.

Good News:

Priced with the competition, great ageless styling, decent gas mileage for a muscle car, and pass through seats for those ski trips, etc.

Bad News:

Tinny sounding doors, a bit of road noise and you have to reach too far to shift, small back seat for long trips.

Standard Equipment:

4.6 liter V8 engine, 5-speed manual trans on the console, dual air bags, 4-wheel anti locking disc braking system, anti theft system, remote keyless entry, power steering, air conditioning, handling suspension, stainless steel exhaust, fog lamps, rear deck lid spoiler, dual power mirrors, split fold rear seat, cassette radio, power windows and door locks.

Gas Stats:

18 City and 25 Highway MPG.


MSRP $23,590.

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