2008 Suzuki SX4 FWD (697)

General Info:

Parts – Japan 100%
Assembly – Kosai, Japan
Class:  – Compact Cars
Cars: – Forenza, Forenza Wagon, Grand Vitara, Reno, SX4, SX4 Sport & XL7.

“An Automotive Love Affair”
By Joseph Mavilia       2008 Suzuki SX4 FWD


This week we’re looking at the 2008 Suzuki SX4 FWD crossover compact
commuter. It is also available in All Wheel Drive. And continuing with the
theme of fuel efficient commuters this was a nice move up from the Chevrolet
Aveo for more comfort and power. But the competition listed is very close
and demands you look closely at all of them if you can.

Opinion and observation:

I have to mention again that speed control is the best way to prevent
accidents. But not just keeping within 10 miles of the posted limit which is
common for highway driving, but maintaining a constant speed is more
important. If you have cruise control use it for freeway driving and don’t
worry that others will pass you. When many of us do hold to a constant safe
speed others will follow suit and everyone benefits with less stressful
driving and you’ll get there within 5 minutes of what you would accelerating
and braking so much more without it. Keep the rubber side down.

Handling & Performance:

It’s amazing what you get out of 143 horsepower and a more sophisticated
engine. Handling is comfortable and no complaints on the mountain road


The crossover design is very popular so they have built in some of the best
of consumer demand coupled with very good fuel economy that is above the
average in class. It is heavier than many but none are beautiful. Most are
plain Jane and none really light my fire but their design is more for
functionality with wedge shapes that stretch out the corners with wide
stance wheel positioning that allows maximum interior space.

The cargo area on the SX4 is very good with a convenient wide opening hatch.

Fit and Finish:

Quite good.


Retail price is better than the average of others in class.

Features and Conveniences:

Very good complement of features made possible from a rapidly decreasing
cost of electronics. 2008 is an improvement over the 07.

Consumer Recommendation:

This is a hot group of competitors that become more important with the bleak
possibility of gas prices rising to world levels over the next few years.
That level hovers around $7-8.00 a gallon. Look closely at the competition
and consider seriously one of these as a second car and dump the gas guzzler
you are probably driving now. I like the Toyota Yaris a lot, and have not
driven the Honda Fit or Aveo5 yet, but I have tested all the rest. You’ll
want to drive many if not all if you’ve decided to cut your transportation
fuel budget.

Recognized Competition:

Suzuki SX4 $15-17,000,  Chevrolet Aveo5 $12-14,000, Hyundai Accent
$11-15,000, Mini Cooper $18-25,000, Scion xD  $14,550, Volvo C30 $23-26,000,
Dodge Caliber $14-22,000, Kia Rio $13-14,000, Nissan Versa $13-15,000,
Toyota Yaris $11-14,000, Honda Fit $14-16,000, Mazda3 $14-20,000, Saturn
Astra $15-18,000, VW Rabbit $16-18,000.

Good News:

Well priced, comfortable ride, handles well, crossover convenience, good
warranty and good fuel economy.

Bad News:

Plain Jane styling and noticeable high road noise levels.

Standard Equipment:

2.0 liter Inline 4 cylinder 143 hp engine, front wheel drive, 4-speed
automatic transmission, speed sensitive power steering, 17″ alloy wheels,
4-wheel antilock disc brakes, dual front and side airbags and side curtain
airbags, tire pressure monitoring, child seat tethers and rear door safety
locks, remote keyless entry, auto air conditioning, power windows and locks,
power heated mirrors, cruise control, tilt wheel, audio system with CD/MP3
player, intermittent wipers, leather wrapped steering wheel with audio
controls and 100,000 mile 7 year transferable power train warranty with
warranty repair courtesy car.

Gas Stats:

$3.71/ Gal avg. April 15, ’08
www.fueleconomy.gov <http://www.fueleconomy.gov>
for more information.

23 City and 31 Highway MPG
www.safercar.gov <http://www.safercar.gov>
or 888-327-4236


MSRP $16,370.

Your comments are welcomed. My e-mail is joe@atthewheel.com
Copyright (c) 2008 – An Automotive Love Affair

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