2007 Cadillac STS-V (649)


This week we’re looking at the 2007 Cadillac STS-V luxury sedan that is supercharged for a little excitement for the quiet dull lives of those who have the bucks. And get this – there is a gas guzzler tax of $2,100 they aren’t concerned about either.

For me – Ouch – a little speed is expensive and I stopped by the gas station twice so far and fear I’ll be stopping again to refuel. As if gas prices weren’t bad enough, we seem to drive cars that burn it all the faster. I quit – I’m buying a hybrid.

That being said it is hard to take your eyes off of her. She is very striking and it grabs most folks for at least a look and second look. Not that this could be in Sports Illustrated swim suit edition but it is beautiful even fully clothed. GM – you may have lost first position in the industry to Toyota but the war isn’t over and you’ve come a long way back. I believe Americans will rally to support our countries honor, apple pie and mom along with – yes – even General Motors because it is an American tradition and deserves our loyal support. Some remind me of Pearl Harbor and wonder why we’re so good to those who sought us so much harm.

General Info:

Parts – US/Canadian 75%

Assembly – Lansing , MI USA

Class:  – Mid-Size

Cars: – CTS, DTS, Escalade, Escalade EXT, SRX, STS and XLR.


Irresponsible Traffic Enforcement – Traffic cops – as distasteful as they are on our highways, hiding in places that tick you off – we need them there – we want them there. However, if we must endure their arrogant condescending Gestapo presence then they should be required to issue as many citations to slow drivers as they do fast drivers. I’m not saying fast drivers shouldn’t be slowed down, but comm’on slow drivers can be as much of a hazard on our roads as those who drive too fast.

Handling & Performance:

Won-der-full! The Crest test was a delight to experience. For a fairly large luxury sedan it hugged the curves like a love sick sailor. You’re going to love this car. And I don’t know an automotive press colleague who doesn’t agree this is one of the finest automobiles on the road today.


I don’t know about you but for me Cadillac continues to be the world’s standard of excellence and that includes style and beauty for nearly a hundred years. The whole lineup of Cads continues that leadership.

Fit and Finish:

Excellent. You can’t leave this kind of elegance to just anyone to build. It’s made in America my friend.


Just one look and you know it won’t be cheap. But nothing this gorgeous ever is. And of course the turbocharged V is the tip-top of the line. It doesn’t get any better than this. Truly one of the best cars of the world and this STS V is sure to be a classic in the tradition of Cadillac that has stood the test of time.

Conveniences and comfort:

“Top of the heap” as Frank sang.

Consumer Recommendation:

If you want to make a statement that you’re arrived in a quiet elegant way this is the car. Rolls Royce would be a bit showy. Ferrari would be wonderful, but notching down a bit in price range this shoe fits perfectly – Italian leather or not. I would own this STS V over every one of the competition listed below – in a heart beat with no hesitation.

Recognized Competition:

Cadillac STS $42-75,000, Lincoln LS $39,285, BMW 5 Series $44-59,000, Infiniti M $41-51,000, Mercedes Benz E Class $51-85,000, Audi A6 $42-55,000, Chrysler 300 $24-40,000, Jaguar S-Type $48-63,000, Saab 9-5 $34,695, Lexus GS $44-52,000, Acura TL $34-38,000, Volvo S80 $39-47,000.

Good News:

American Beauty that came out of and made possible by the American Dream – which by the way is the envy of the world. Even our enemies want a piece of us.

Bad News:

The bad news is that too many people have gone over to the other side without actually moving off shore. I have to confess – I led the charge in the 60s to flee from high priced American cars and bought a Datsun but now I’ve switched back because this is war – baby.

Standard Equipment:

4.4 liter 469 hp V8 supercharged engine, 6-speed auto transmission, stability control, traction control, performance cooling package, limited slip differential, brake assist, olive ash wood trim, multi driver memory setting, 8-way power seat with lumbar, heated front and rear outside seats, heated and leather wrapped power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, cruise control, keyless entry with remote start button, 6-disc CD changer Bose 5.1 surround sound system, DVD Navigation system, XM satellite radio with 3 months included, universal home remote, power sunroof, power windows with express up and down, rain sensing wipers, auto dimming inside and power outside mirrors, high intensity headlights with washers, front and side airbags with side curtain airbags front and rear, OnStar with turn by turn nav one year included, tire pressure monitor, daytime running lights, rear park assist sensor, theft deterrent system, power door locks.

Gas Stats:

$3.30/ Gal avg. Apr. 29 ‘07


for more information.

14 City and 21 Highway MPG


MSRP $74,870.

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