2000 Plymouth Voyager


This 2000 Plymouth Voyager along with all minivans are perhaps the best family cars ever produced. They are low slung so little people can get in and out easily, are comfortable and easy to maneuver. The model I drove was a trip back to basics, which  means no power seats, windows or door locks.  Hand cranks on the door panels are not seen much any more but it’s a step up from Isinglass curtains that “roll right down in case there’s a change in the weather”.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not being a “power snob” but in this size vehicle I consider power windows and door locks a necessity. You might be able to reach knobs on the passenger side of a small two seater but I wouldn’t own this vehicle without these two features. Power seats? Now that’s a different story. You can function without power seats in any vehicle. But it’s a real pain when you exit the car to have to check every portal to be sure they are all locked and windows rolled up. Spoiled? No I don’t think so. These are practical considerations. The majority of time you drive your car, you are alone. After you drop the kids at school and push on to the next task of the day, you’ll find yourself walking around to close and lock doors and roll up windows. It doesn’t take long to tire of not having these “Basic Necessities”.

Handling/ Performance:

Excellent car like comfort and feel. Some think it is under-powered, but for the majority of time you’ll be well serviced by this 158 horsepower V6 engine. And you wont be stopping as often at the gas pump as you would with the 180 horsepower version. 


It’s that old “Cookie-Cutter” design because all minivans look pretty much the same. Like identical twins Johnny and Donny, or was that Donny and Johnny. In the Chrysler family, in fact, this Voyager is virtually the same vehicle as the Dodge Caravan but for a slight difference in the grill work. I suppose all manufacturers have adopted the same design because people simply like it. The only recent difference that comes to mind is the innovative sliding door roll-down windows on the Mazda MPV. Other minivans may have more or better storage compartments, easier seat removal devices and such, but by and large the outward appearance is the same. 

Fit and Finish: 

The Voyager is assembled in Canada and they do a good job, eh?


Bare bones, but aside from not having power windows and door locks, I had few complaints. However, you can add options to suit your need and pocketbook, which you often don’t have the ability to do on many other brands. Some manufacturers try to improve efficiency of production by including all options as standard equipment, but there is no free lunch and you end up paying for more than you need. The Voyager now has an option to include an entertainment center so you can pop a video in to occupy the kids who get bored on journeys or even local commutes. And yes, you can even opt for power windows, door locks, seats, air conditioning, CD player and cruise control.


Young families can have all the convenience of a minivan at a great price by eliminating unnecessary features.


I was most recently impressed with Mazda MPV and also liked the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. I haven’t tested the Pontiac Montana or the Mercury Villager. With this Plymouth you get nice affordable styling and have options to add those things you simply can’t live without.

The competition:

Chevrolet Venture $20650-29,350, Dodge Caravan $18,850-32,450, Ford Windstar  $19,910-33,455, Honda Odyssey $23,400-26,000, Mazda MPV $19,995-25,550, Mercury Villager $22,510-27,210, Nissan Quest $22,259-26,699, Oldsmobile Silhouette $25,345-31,940, Pontiac Montana $23,765-25,635, Toyota Sienna $22,368-27,334.

Good News:

As Bob Barker says, “The price is right”, handles like a car, decent gas mileage

Bad News: 

Poor storage in the 7 passenger model, driver area storage compartments are insufficient, rear hatch is full door that’s heavy and hard to open and close.

Standard Equipment:

3.3 liter 158 horsepower V6 engine, 4-speed automatic trans, dual air bags, power front disc and rear drum brakes, power steering, 5-passenger seating, AM/FM radio with cassette and tinted glass. ( I told you it was basic).

Gas Stats:

18 City and 25 Highway MPG.


MSRP  $18,685.

Your comments are welcomed. My e-mail is joe@atthewheel.com

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