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2003 Infiniti G 35 Sedan (436)

Overview: I have to tell you I do like this Infiniti G 35 passenger sedan - 90%. It is a little sportier than the I 35 that I tested last week. They are about the same money. It was introduced in 2002 and is an indication of how aggressive the new...
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2003 Infiniti I35 (435)

Overview: This week I had the pleasure of testing the Infiniti I35 passenger sedan. I always liked the Q45 luxury and look, so this is a nice update of the I30 with similar grill look and the feel inside is similar yet smaller than the Q. It sports more features than...
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2002 Infiniti Q45 Luxury Sedan (399)

Overview: This week we look at the Infiniti Q45 Luxury Sedan. This car with the Premium Package will do as much and more for you than any car out there, except maybe a James Bond car. You can razzle-dazzle me with high tech any day, and finally all this computer stuff is...
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2002 Infiniti I35 Sedan (396)

Overview: This week I revisited Infiniti and the I35 luxury sedan. Sometimes I think I'm going through Auto Menopause with all the cars I drive. I don't have hot flashes but “Mood Swings” are wild. Consider the lineup over the past several weeks: Infiniti QX4 SUV with smart cruise control, Saab 9-3...
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2002 Infiniti QX4 SUV (390)

Overview: The most popular vehicle by far is the SUV and if you need to combine luxury with 4-wheeling you'll want to look at this weeks Infiniti QX4, affectionately referred to as a Q-by-Four. Sales hype from Infiniti adds a little fu-fu in describing their entry in this market as “Empowering, Intelligent...
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1999 Infiniti QX4 (242)

Overview: Affectionately referred to as the \"Q by Four\", this Infiniti is a Beverly Hills SUV pussycat. I doubt if these guys will ever be used off road, so it doesn't matter that the ground clearance is less than off road conditions would demand. Anyway it's too pretty to get its...
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1998 Infiniti Q45t (196)

Overview: An ad campaign for the Infiniti Q45 states \"Own one and you'll understand\". That insightful statement is quite true for the Flagship model from Infiniti. Also true is that they are \"plain Jane\" and not real inspiring from a styling standpoint. It is very unassuming and could be mistaken for...
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