K in Aqua Dulce, Ca

Hi joe, I live in AD and always enjoy reading your reviews in the journal… question I’m 5’9″ and my husband is 6’2″ – how is seat comfort and head room in this car? we always have challenges in this area….. be safe in the heat, k.

Joe Mavilia :

Hi K

The headroom was commented by observers, friends and relatives. All were impressed with the overall room and especially noted how much headroom there was both front and back. I think you’ll enjoy the test drive and find that 6’2” should not be a problem.

As I think I noted, wife and I took it to Las Vegas for a river rafting trip down the Colorado. She is 5’9” as well and would complain if it weren’t a comfortable trip of several hours. We were impressed. Later I had the VW Dune convertible and that would be an interesting comparison as well but it was over $10,000 more than the Fiat and fuel economy is far better in the Fiat.

Thanks for your interest in Autolove.

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