2011 Mercedes-Benz E550 Coupe (874)


This week we’re looking at the 2011 Mercedes-Benz E550 Coupe. Beautiful only begins to express my feeling about this car. This one is easy to fall in love with. I’ve owned a couple of top of the line Mercedes cars over the years and so when I drove this E550-C it brought back fond memories. They are truly special automobiles. I tested an E320 Wagon throughout Germany and northern Italy, Austria and Switzerland. They are always a joy to drive.

This very sporty 2 plus two smaller folks in the back coupe is to me perfect for a young exec on the prowl. It is very exciting and faster than snot on a hot day. And yes the test car was red. Beautiful and a target for added taxes on the rich.

E Class originated from Einspritzmotor or fuel injected engine, if you’re interested.

General Info: 

Parts are from Germany and it is assembled in Germany. Class is Sub Compact. Cars from Mercedes – C-Class, CL, CLS, E-Class, E-Wagon, G-Class, GL, GLK, M-Class, M-Hybrid, R-Class, S-Class, S-Hybrid, SL-Class, SLK, SLS & Sprinter.


This is a follow up to the State’s rebuttal of my comments about Government addiction to oil.

I am amazed at how out of touch they are with the general public. They are off in their own little world of ‘make believe’. Make believe everything is ok and make believe they are needed. Clearly they are not. The song “I get along without you very well” pops into my mind and I think of simpler days when people made things happen and the Government pretty much stayed the hell out of the way. The pioneer spirit was alive and well before the Nanny State morphed into this monster of stupid government bureaucrats who think they really matter. They do however, in that they contribute nothing and the MATTERS. It matters to our society because government is a huge burden we can ill afford. It’s a social machine gone amuck.

So to Ms. Kathleen M’s query that if $.07 per gallon goes to oil company profit and $.55 goes to Government taxes then where does the rest of the price of a gallon of gas go?

Well, to begin with I think the profit is approximately 7% to the Oil Companies, and the tax in California is $.66 / gallon not $.55. Be that as it may Ms. M., the difference is called “Cost of Sales”. The price of a barrel of oil, refinery costs, advertising, rent, and most importantly Salaries and Wages among other expenses like ‘taxes! All of that cost is what fuels our economy, and by the way, the taxes, included in those expenses, is what makes government jobs possible to begin with.

Recommended reading: 

Michelle Malkin’s “Culture of Corruption”, and another book I found illuminating is Catherine Drinker Bowen’s “Miracle at Philadelphia”, the story of the Constitutional Convention, May to September 1787. Wouldn’t it be great if our schools would resume teaching Economics in school, and while they’re at it how about Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Handling & Performance:

This E550 will get your heart pumping. 0-60 mph in a heart trobbing 5.0 seconds – Wow! Top speed 130 mph (Electronically limited). I wonder if that is the case on the Autobahn’s of Germany. I understand the speed laws are changing there anyway, which is sad, because that was great fun to experience those speeds on a highway.



Fit and Finish:



$55K base and $65 with the premium package.

Conveniences and comfort:


Consumer Recommendation:

If you can afford the price of admission, this is an E-Ride.

Recognized Competition:

Mercedes-Benz E-Class $55,000, Acura RL $47,000, Audi A5 $36,000, Audi A6 $45,000, Audi S5 $54,000, Audi S6 $76,000, BMW 3 Series $35,000, BMW 5 Series $45,000, Cadillac DTS $47,000, Cadillac STS $47,000, Chrysler 300 $27,000, Huyndai Equus $58,000, Hyundai Genesis $34,000, Hyundai Genesis Coupe $22,000, Infiniti G Coupe $37,000, Infiniti M $48,000, Jaguar XF Series $53,000, Lexus GS $47,000, Lexus GS 450h $59,000, Saab 9-5 $39,000, Volvo S80 $37,000.

Good News:

Gorgeous, smooth, fun to drive, extreme comfort and security with great features standard.

Bad News:

Are you kidding me…

Standard Equipment:

5.5 liter 382 hp V8 engine, 7 speed auto transmission, power speed sensitive steering, dynamic handling suspension with CV damping system, 4-wheel ABS disc brakes, 8-speaker sound system with in-dash 6-disc DVD/CD changer and memory slot, hands free Bluetooth interface, central controller with 7” display, power tilt-sliding sunroof, leather interior with wood dtim, multifunction leather steering wheel, 14-way power front seats, 4-way tilt & telescoping steering column, power mirrors, climate control, electronic cruise control, power windows, rain sensing intermittent wipers, split folding rear seats, interior ambient lighting, front and side airbags, front side curtain and pelvic and driver knee airbags, ISCFIX anchor a& tether system, electronic stability program, Pre-Safe protective system, attention assist driver drowsiness monitor, roll over sensor, anti-theft system with engine immobilizer, tire pressure monitor & remote keyless entry.

Gas Stats:

$3.69/ Gal avg. July 1, 2011


for more information.

15 City and 23 Highway MPG


MSRP $55,450.

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