2011 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab (1132)


This week we’re looking at the 2011 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab Actually I’m reviewing my personal vehicle because I didn’t schedule a press car for that week. In any case Ford doesn’t like reviews from Journalists and has changed their marketing. I’m guessing they don’t want fair and balanced reporting. This look at my truck is real world five years later reporting. I’ll try to keep my bias out and objectively report on the facts alone.

Yep, this is a pretty imposing truck and although I’m partial to RAM trucks, some folks are conversely “died-in-the-Wool” Ford guys who have their own bias. But with all the problems Ford has had one has to wonder why those Ford guys continue to defend the brand even when they shouldn’t.

The first Ford I had was wonderful – it was a 1955 half ton pickup truck. Two doors, of course, because no truck company built a 4-door back then. That 1955 Ford was easy to work on and tried and true for the day. But fast forward to my 2007 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab but as I got into the issues with that truck with 175,000 miles on it at the time, the nightmare began. Sure most issues are reparable and then you should have years of good life remaining. This particular truck was a company vehicle that was well cared for before I got it. I felt I was safe because it had new injectors and some other repairs before I got it at a cost of $4-5,000.

But this Ford was the 6.0 liter engine and notorious for another problem involving the Intercooler. A Ford diesel shop and friend of mine said get rid of it. But I didn’t. Soon after there was leakage and Ford was not giving any assistance to its unwary customers. It took an outside of Ford Aftermarket Company that came to the rescue with a fix to Ford’s stupid problem.  The “Bullet Proof” fix was available and parts and installation cost totaled right at $4,000. After that expense I figured I’m surely safe now, but for how long who knows?

Even further forward, a couple of years after selling the 2007 repaired pickup truck, I travelled to my next encounter with yet another F350 that was nearly a twin of the ‘07. Seems I was blessed with being the recipient of the next generation of essentially the same truck albeit 4 years newer. It was a 2011 model but now I was assured with a new 6.7 liter diesel engine it was promised to be without blemish.

Not so as I was soon to learn. These new Fords are so “New Age” that they simply have continued to be too smart for their own good. “OK Hal I give up. Tell me with your computer brain why this Ford F350 just flashes a message on the dash display “pull over safely” blah blah blah. It was a random problem that finally forced its driver to find a good place to pull off the road with just enough momentum to coast (without brakes) and stop off the side of the road. I say coast because the thing just dies. Okay so now you miss your appointment and are thrust into a survival mode. Even in the most ideal of conditions I still have to get replacement transportation for myself and have this big useless “Berg” towed to a Ford dealership.

Simple problem,.. ? if $400 for a relay or whatever failed then it’s a simple problem. “On the road again…” Can you hear Willie Nelson singing that tune? But now after all the hassles my confidence in Ford is shattered. Can I really trust this bucket of bolts?

I’m not a happy camper if you didn’t notice.

Handling & Performance:

Very difficult to drive around town. It takes at least two parking spaces when you go shopping. In short it is not made for normal or should I say easy city driving. On the bright side, it IS, I repeat it IS made to tow a big 5th Wheel trailer. It is equipped with a factory built in Goose Neck Ball hitch receptacle in the middle of the bed as well as a factory 5thWheel setup. It does that okay I’m told. I’ll let you know.


For a very BIG truck it is rather nice looking. Not as pretty as the Dodge / Ram 3500 but nice looking.

Fit and Finish:

Very good assembly but not as good as the Ram I tested recently in my opinion.


Trucks today are terribly expensive. Purchased new this 2011 sold for $58,000.

Conveniences and comfort:

This Ford came with a Nav system, but for such a big truck it has a tiny map display. Really, Garman’s portable version is bigger. Worse yet it is horrible. I have Nav systems in most of the test cars I drive, but the one on this F350 is as bad as they get.

Consumer Recommendations:

By all means, test drive the Ford, but be sure to test drive the Ram if it is a very big truck you need.

Recognized Competition:

Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab $56,000, Ram 3500 Crew Cab long box $56,000, Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD $49,000, GMC Sierra 3500 HD $50,000.

Good News:

Big, capable for big jobs, Comfortable ride, fast.

Bad News:

Expensive to own, poor fuel economy, not good for around town driving.

Gas Stats:

$2.19/ Gal of Diesel avg. March 15, 2016


for more information.

Combined City and Highway is 16 MPG


MSRP $ 54,980.

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