2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible (801)


This week we’re looking at the 2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible. What a flashback to the past when Muscle cars were the thing and it’s not so hard to understand why. They are flat fun to drive. Sit in one and your heart begins to beat a little faster and the sound of a big V8 brings back a lot of memories. The convertible reminds us this is a “Sunbelt” car and although it would be great in the North it would pretty much have to be parked in the winter in spite of what Al Gore is trying to convince us of. In fact Al baby, if we all drove Mustangs with big V8’s we could warm up the globe and then be able put the top down even in Detroit in winter.

But I wonder where Al is now. Did he go into hiding until the ICE melts? BS Al – but it’s worked out pretty good for you. Nobel prize and $100,000,000 added to your personal wealth. Hell you can buy another jet for your stable – warm up the globe a little more and make even more money. Talk about corruption in high places. What’s it like at 30,000 feet Al? Bet you make a few deals up there to bilk the people out of the money they make the old fashioned way – They EARN it.

General Info:

Parts – .

Assembly – USA

Class:  – Subcompacts

Cars: – Edge, Escape, Escape Hybrid, E-Series Van, E-Series Wagon, Expedition, Explorer, Explorer Sport Trac, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, Fiesta, Flex Focus, Fusion, Fusion Hyrid, Mustang, Ranger, Shelby GT500, Taurus and Transit Connect.


There is a growing concern in all quarters now that the CHP is instructed to ticket, ticket, ticket. I caution you again – Slow down and don’t give these bad guys the opportunity to TAX you even more than you are. Don’t you think we’re taxed enough already. Join a TEA party and let government know we’re ‘mad as hell and won’t take it any longer’. U-rah!

The sad part is that such taxes only keep more of those tax collectors on the highway where that’s about all they do – fill the STATE coffers with money to perpetuate their KIND. What Kind are they – Leaches on the system. They produce NO goods or services and instead of instructing them to protect their jobs, our elected and appointed officials should be laying off government employees. We simply can’t afford those questionable services.

I was admonished by one public employee reader that we need fire and police. I have news for government employees – WE Can’t afford you. We can take care of ourselves and ultimately do.

Handling & Performance:

Well it’s not as fast as Al Gore’s Jet, but this Mustang is more fun. IT’s fast and sounds great. The ride will be a little rough which of course comes with the territory. It also reminds you of what raw power used to be and can still be if that’s your thing.


Some things are best left alone and that’s the case with Retro cars like this Mustang. Good job Ford. One of the new hot items in many cars today is the Ambient Lighting feature – the house of blue lights – Nice.

Fit and Finish:

Pretty much the same as always – a little loosey goosey but that also goes with the territory. Compared to the older Mustangs and Camaro’s of the past, today’s muscle cars are much more refined because of vastly improved assembly techniques.


Well, it ain’t cheap.

Conveniences and comfort:

Seating is much better than yesteryear Mustangs, but the ride is still a little bumpy. I really like the new Easy Fuel Capless Filler system concept on new Fords. Very cool, but I have some security concerns since with the high cost of fuel, siphoning would be too easy. Some applications have security built into the outer locking door, so check it out.

Cars are rapidly adopting SYNC / Bluetooth features that are really handy. You just sync to your cell and communication uses the radio and speaker system for hands free operation. It’s the law most places anyway.

Consumer Recommendation:

There aren’t many of this breed remaining and if you are a Retro kinda guy or gal, your search is rather limited. The Mustang just happens to be tried and true in all respects. When I was a kid a rock and roll 28 Ford Model A Sedan was a dream come true – rattles and all. To my parents a 28 Ford was new, but to me it was an opportunity to modify, drop in a big Corvette V8 for a really fun and fast car of the day. It was however more temptation than a 17 year old can handle. Makes it tough to avoid the black and white bad guys. I suspect that’s what driving Retro cars today means to our kids. Son Michael has the first year Camaro (1967), and it was his first car. He lovingly restored it and so it goes.

If you want a piece of the past – ‘just do it’ and buy a Mustang and have a ball. The cars listed below only have a few real competitors in class. Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. The rest are really ‘wanna-bees’ or simply out of place.

Recognized Competition:

Ford Mustang $21-36,000, Audi TT $29-38,000, BMW 1 Series $29-40,000, BMW Z4 $46-52,000, Chevrolet Camaro $23-34,000, Dodge Challenger $23-41,000, Hyundai Genesis Coupe $22-32,000, Infiniti G Convertible $44,000, Mazda RX-8 $26-32,000, Mercedes SLK $47-67,000, Mitsubishi Eclipse $21-33,000, Nissan Z $30-41,000, Volkswagen Eos $32-36,000, Volkswagen New Beetle $19-26,000.

Good News:

Fast, fun, Retro with far better fuel economy than the past.

Bad News:

The empty warning on the gas tank comes on just after the needle crosses over the ¼ full mark. That should be just enough time to stop for more fuel. In other words you won’t pass a lot of gas stations even though better than the flash back to the past… but gas was 25 cents a gallon.

Standard Equipment:

4.6 liter 315 hp V8 engine, 5-speed manual trans, electronic stability control, front & side airbags, post crash alert system, tire pressure monitor, remote keyless entry & anti-theft, LATCH child safety system, power windows, locks and mirrors, leather seating and leather wrapped tilt steering wheel, cruise control, power driver 6-way seat, manual 2-way front passenger seat, air conditioning, Shaker 500 audio system with in dash 6-CD/MP3 player, SYNC voice activated system, auto headlights, fog lights, stainless steel dual exhaust, rear window defroster, rear decklid spoiler, power cloth convertible top, easy fuel capless filler.

Gas Stats:

$2.91/ Gal avg. March 3 ‘10


for more information.

16 City and 24 Highway MPG


MSRP $35,995.

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