2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV (613)


This week we’re looking at the 2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV sport utility vehicle. Ok, so this is just a fancy Suburban but it is really nice and as elegant as a Cadillac should be.

No matter how Fu-Fu the Japanese make their cars they don’t have the 100 plus years of history and tradition in one brand like GM has. Tradition is important to us as a people as it is for the Japanese, but this is different than social tea’s and Bonsai trees.  

And the fuel economy you say. Poor, for sure. But then like Merkel says there are people who don’t care what the cost of gas is. That would likely be those who buy these big gas guzzling POSH SUVs. In any case every car made will get 300 miles on a tank of gas. So you won’t stop for gas more often than the next guy. Rather you will just fork out a few extra bucks. What’s an extra grand each year for the convenience of a large car to haul all the kids and gear? I know it’s not fashionable these days to have more than two kids but then there is my son who just had number four. I know he can count but Mike I think it’s time to stop with the kid’s thing. 2 boys, 2 girls are enough. You’ve done your part to populate the world. Mike has a near duplicate of this Escalade in the form of a Chevy Tahoe. Same platform and absolutely necessary for all those car seats. I get tired just watching today’s young people getting ready to go somewhere. I don’t think I could have done it when I was his age. Back then we didn’t even insist they buckle up. Today they are strapped in like an astronaut ready for liftoff.

Oh, POSH – you may recall it is a sailing term for the big luxury liners of the turn of the century traveling from England . It is an acronym that refers to Posh Accommodations and stands for Port side Out, Starboard side Home. Thus you got the sunny side both ways. You paid extra, of course, also true of a Posh SUV.

General Info:

Parts – USA

Assembly – Arlington , Texas , USA

Class:  – Special Purpose

Cars: – CTS, DeVille, DTS, Escalade, Escalade EXT, SRX, STS and XLR.

Handling & Performance:

This hunk will be considered a sled to many, but it’s amazing how well it handles. Many cars are tiresome to drive but that’s far from the case with this Cad. It almost drives itself. I equate it to the movement of a Navy ship that moves very decisively.

But what is more interesting is that I took if for the Crest Test and found that at the same comfort level of handling the curves I was able to set cruise at 40-50 mph as compared with 45-55 on the Infiniti G35 sports car.


Cadillac is still the standard by which other cars are compared with. There was a time they were losing their grip but I believe they are BACK. That from a man who’s owned 8 Cad’s and loved ‘em all for the very reason they have always led and not followed.

Fit and Finish:



Competitive for like kind quality SUV’s and it is made in America .


Outstanding things are provided to pamper you and make life just a little easier. Ever notice how the absence of things is as noticeable as the presence of things – and maybe even more. For example:  Air conditioning on a hot day, heated seats to warm your buns on a cold day, cruise control on a long drive to relax your foot along with XM radio when you’re out of sight and out of range. And on those long trips through the Grand Canyon, Zion or Bryce National Parks , try those power windows. Yep, put them down to escape from the sterile environment of climate control air conditioning. I suspect we make things so perfect that we miss the flavor of the sounds and smells of the terrain we’re traveling through. Just a suggestion to heighten the travel experience and make it more memorable. Trust me, the kids will carry those sights and sounds and smells with them the rest of their lives. I can still remember that first apple off a tree – worm and all.

Another note about XM tunes. They are your tunes and mine. I totally relax in this Cad and although I may be in a topless Jeep Wrangler with the wind blowing through my hair next week, in the wee small hours of the morning driving on an un-crowded highway listening to the music of XM 73 – Franks place – is a bit of heaven.

Consumer Recommendation:

If you are looking at a Chevy Suburban, Ford Expedition or other large ‘boat hauler’ you have to look at this Escalade. It will take you places (even with the high price of gas) cheaper and without the concern of terrorists and those horrible airport terminal lines and the indignity of being strip searched in front of a few hundred people you don’t even know or want to know. I suspect we’ll all spend more time in our National Parks and less time in the polluted air inside a transcontinental jet.

If you’ve never experienced OnStar you need to consider it.

Recognized Competition:

Cadillac Escalade ESV $54-59,000, Land Rover Range Rover $74-89,000, Lincoln Navigator $46-51,000, Toyota Land Cruiser $56,215, Hummer H2 $53,000, Lexus LX 470 $67,000, Volvo XC90 $36-46,000, Jeep Commander $27-38,000, Infiniti QX56 $50-53,000, Nissan Armada $35-43,000, GMC Yukon $34-43,000, Chevrolet Tahoe $33-46,000, GMC Yukon Denali $47-50,000, Lexus GX 470 $46,635, Ford Expedition $29-43,000.

Good News:

Very nice styling, solid ride for super comfort, big enough for that growing family.

Bad News:

Poor mileage.

Standard Equipment:

6.2 liter V8 403 hp engine, 6-speed heavy duty automatic trans, all wheel drive, road sensing suspension, auto rear leveling control, traction control, 4-wheel antilock disc brake system, 18” aluminum wheels, 14-way power front heated seats and backrests, 2nd row bucket seats, 3-passenger 3rd row seat, nuance leather seats, driver info center, stereo with 6-disc CD player, DVD and MP3. XM satellite radio service (3 months included), Bose 5.1 surround sound, power lift-gate, remote keyless entry and remote starter, rear audio sound system controls, power fold heated mirrors with curb view and signals, power adjustable pedals, rain-sense wipers, heated washer fluid system, steering wheel radio controls, tri-zone climate control, dual frontal air bags, passenger sensing system, head curtain side air bags for all seating rows, stability control, ultrasonic rear park assist, OnStar service included for 1 year directions and connections plan, tire pressure monitoring system, theft deterrent and rear door child security locks.

Gas Stats:

Government estimated fuel economy for this vehicle is stated as “Not applicable to this vehicle”. That’s because the government has set overall mileage from a car manufacturer, so they put out high mileage cars which allows them to sell cars like this Escalade.

My calculations came up with overall mileage for one tank of gas at 11.6 mpg.

9 City and 14 Highway MPG


MSRP $58,805.

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