2006 Nissan Infiniti M45 4-Door Sedan (591)

This week we’re looking at the 2006 Nissan Infiniti M45 4-Door 5 passenger Sedan . This Nissan company high end product line brand has earned a place among several other snob appeal brands.

You know, those are the cars that make you feel special even if you aren’t. Why else would the “badge” add so much to the cost of this class of automobile? And why else would people be willing to pay more for the bragging rights to own what many others are unable to afford or at least are unwilling to give up other luxuries or necessities to have.

Datsun (predecessor name for Nissan) was the first Japanese car we bought back in the mid 1960s. That little 4 cylinder putt-putt was very stingy with fuel and at about 50 cents per gallon in the US at the time it was still a welcome change from the 7 mpg American V8’s powered cars. Datsun was one of the first but would soon have a lot of company in competition with the big three automakers in the World. Today Toyota is challenging GM for top dog.

The automobile continues to be the most convenient form of transportation yet all the while it takes away as much as it gives. Consider the following statistics and you’ll see what I mean. In 2003 there were 48 alcohol related fatalities every 30 minutes in the US alone. That translates to 17,520 every year. If that isn’t bad enough that number is accompanied by 20,735 alcohol related injuries from collisions. 4,749 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes and 70,000 were injured during the same period. 622 bicyclists were killed and 46,000 were injured. When you consider the total deaths from all auto related accidents is about 43,000 every year in the USA it puts several other causes of death in perspective.

If those opposed to war used the same energy to take issue with so much death and maiming on our highways the car would be abolished. We’d all be riding bicycles. Ok so it would be a healthier alternative. Those in opposition are in an uproar over 2,300 soldiers killed in the Iraq war over three years or about 700 per year. And cars kill 43,000 every year. The number one killer of all age 3-33. Pretty interesting eh?

Source: DMV statistics and California Highway Patrol and US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Well we can’t seem to avoid wars but we have the technology and ability to end nearly all highway deaths right now. You can see a paper written by Merkel Weiss at my website www.atthewheel.com under Point/CounterPoint – Editorials – “WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ACCIDENTS”.

General Info:

Parts – n/a

Assembly – Japan

Class: – Large Cars

Cars: – FX, G35, M, Q45 and QX56

Handling & Performance:

Outstanding comfort and control consistent with cars of this quality and high tech control devices listed below. The M35 gives you a V6 and this M45 is powered by a V8. The M comes with either a rear wheel drive or all wheel drive.


Consistent styling to fit the luxury car mold that Infiniti seeks to be a part of. There are five trim levels: M35 (V6, rear-wheel drive), M35 Sport (V6, rear-wheel drive), M35x AWD (V6 and all-wheel drive), M45 (V8 with rear-wheel drive) and M45 Sport (V8 with rear-wheel drive).

Fit and Finish:

Outstanding attention to detail.


Pricey as equipped.


One of the most popular conveniences – keyless entry is embellished yet again so you can leave the key fob in your pocket or purse. The car senses the keys presence and unlocks the doors and trunk and allows you to start the car with a touch of a button on the dash. It is more gimmickry than practical but has caught on and now found on an increasing number of brands.

Consumer Recommendation:

Volvo is my pick, dollar-for-dollar, out of the competition noted here.

Top Recognized Competition:

Infiniti M $41-50,000, Mercedes Benz E-Class $50-82,000, Lexus GS $43-51,000, BMW 5-Series $43-57,000, Chrysler 300 $24-40,000, Cadillac CTS $29-51,000, Lincoln LS $39,285, Volvo S60 $31-38,000, Audi A6 $41-54,000, Jaguar S-Type $45-63,000, Acura RL $49-53,000.

Good News:

Great handling, smooth, comfortable ride, beautiful rosewood trim interior. Well appointed with high tech devices to make the car handle more safely.

Bad News:

Common design for many luxury cars.

Standard Equipment:

4.5 liter335 horsepower V8 engine with continuous variable valve timing control, 5-speed auto transmission, rear wheel drive, 4-wheel power ABS braking system, EBD Electronic Brake force Distribution, VDC Vehicle Dynamic Control, TCS Traction Control System, auto on-off halogen headlights, fog lights, 18 inch 8 spoke aluminum alloy wheels, power sliding glass sunroof, audio with in-dash 6-disc CD w/ MP3, voice recognition, Bluetooth, leather wrapped steering wheel w/ controls, intelligent key with pushbutton ignition, leather seats, power10-way driver and 6-way passenger seats, rosewood trim, power windows and locks, dual climate control, visors with extensions and vanity mirrors, folding rear armrest and pass through, cargo net with tie down anchors, front, side and curtain air bags, security system with engine immobilizer system and tire pressure monitor system.

Gas Stats:

17 City and 23 Highway MPG


MSRP $52,110.

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