2006 GMC Sierra Extended Cab (589)

This week we’re looking at the 2006 GMC Sierra Extended Cab Pickup truck. This isn’t something for everyone but in cowboy country where I live it fits right in. But even cowboys like comfort in the trucks they drive and that’s where today’s trucks shine. The SUV-like interior makes you forget you’re in a truck at all. Rick calls these SUT’s for Sport Utility Truck. I agree Rick.

I have come to appreciate XM radio and miss not having it after a week of great song selection when testing a vehicle that has it. Some vehicles have Sirius Satellite systems, but I prefer XM. I particularly like the ones with a video display so you can see who the artist is and the title of the song.    

Public service: I commute 50 miles one way to the office. Yes 100 miles per day to and from the ranch. I know a lot of you do the same thing so you can’t say I’m all that crazy – even if I am. But that’s another story. What it has reinforced in me is the observation that when I travel within a reasonable variance of the maximum speed law (stay with the flow of traffic) the commute takes a scant 3-5 minutes more in exchange for not having to watch constantly for a black and white for 5-10 mph more. Think about it. Cut the stress and don’t try to be the fastest car on the track. There’s no trophy if you get to the office 3-5 minutes sooner.

Handling & Performance:

Like I said, this truck rides more like the sedan-like SUV than a truck. It just has a stiffer suspension. Put a load on it and you’d swear you’re in a Sport Ute.


If it walks like a duck and has feathers, it’s probably a duck. Well, this looks like a truck to me. Those truck designers must get a lot of vacation time. “Ho hum, another truck to design. Let’s see, what should it look like”. We’ll daahh Blondie how hard could it be?

Fit and Finish:

Hey, it’s a truck, right – what’d ya expect? No – just kidding. It’s a great looking ride and shucks cousin, trucks are just getting too pretty, don’t ya think?


Not cheap. Trucks are the most profitable products for most carmakers. They’re just too popular – needed or not. When I was just a lad one of my first vehicles was a Ford ½ ton pickup truck. Still one of my most favorite rides if I were forced to pick.


These things have all the comforts of home, road, farm, ranch and more. Throw a bed in the back and you can live in this truck. Or for the same money you can buy a house, buy a bicycle and save on insurance or put a pool in the back yard.

Consumer Recommendation:

No matter what your preference there is a lot of fat in the prices. Don’t bend over too far and don’t be afraid to ask for a big discount. Of course they may suggest you don’t need all those features – and they’d probably be right. That will cut to price substantially.

Recognized Competition:

GMC Sierra $16-39,000, Toyota Tundra $16-34,000, Dodge Ram 1500 $21-51,000, Chevrolet $16-36,000, Ford F-150 $16-33,000, Nissan Titan $23-36,000.

Good News:

Power for the road ahead, comfortable, and not a lot of test-drives. I love simple menu’s, don’t you. I think I’ll move to China where you can have any color you want as long as it’s green. Think about it, that’s how it was when Henry Ford introduced the Model T and mass-produced the Model A. He offered any shade of Black.

Bad News:

Expensive for a truck that’s trying to be a Cadillac – even if this isn’t just any old truck.

Standard Equipment:

5.3 liter 295 hp V8 engine with hour meter, 4-speed auto trans 2-wheel rear drive, ABS front disc rear drum brake system with dynamic rear brake proportioning, high performance suspension, dual air bags with passenger sensing system, auto halogen headlights with daytime running feature, theft deterrent ignition, short cargo bed (5′ 8”) 6500 lb GVW rating, wide access rear doors, front recovery hooks, front power reclining 10 way adjustable leather bucket seats, Electric rear window defogger, deep tinted glass, stereo with 6-disc CD player, cruise control, power locks and windows, remote keyless entry, power mirrors with power fold, auto air conditioning, leather wrapped tilt steering wheel, trailering wire harness, oil life monitoring system, chrome grille, chrome aluminum wheels, battery run down protection and 24 hour roadside assistance. OnStar plus XM radio, power sunroof.

Gas Stats:

16 City and 20 Highway MPG


MSRP $36,740.

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