2005 Infiniti G35 4-Door Sedan (562)

This week I had a Nissan Infiniti G35 4-Door Sedan and from the good old days of Datsun to the good old days today Nissan has been a great product. Being in the foreign car repair business for many years you get a sense of what cars slip under the radar. This is one of those cars. You don’t hear a lot of talk about repairs needed for Nissan products.

So I guess you have to begin paying attention to what you don’t hear. You know, like when a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there does it make a noise?

This car immediately felt like a BMW inside controls, for example, to me – and outside lines are classy. Since buying that 66 Datsun in 65 I have watched them and like what I see. Toyota – Look out!

Public Service driving observation: Always give yourself ample room between you and the car in front of you. Smart cruise control on some cars gives you a good sense of what we too often forget because of all the distractions – something a computer doesn’t have.

General Info:

Parts – n/a

Assembly – Japan

Class: – Compact

Cars: FX, G35, M, Q45 and QX56

Handling & Performance:

Really great because not only is it fast it is smoothly fast. This is a fun car to drive. Vehicle Dynamic Control uses an array of sensors to determine your steered path and help keep you in control. If you understeer or over steer (fishtail) it applies appropriate brake pressure to individual wheels and control engine output to hold your intended direction. Traction control senses wheel spin and reduces engine output to the slipping wheels. Amazing! The limited slip differential enhances overall traction by managing the speed and torque differences between drive wheels to minimize wheel spin that is most important in rain, snow or mud conditions.

It will be a while before other carmakers put important technological features that are standard on this car.


This is a lovely looking automobile. I liked the wheels and was pleased to overhear some young men saying “Nice Wheels”. Not to me and they didn’t know I could hear them and that’s what was cool – knowing others had the same opinion. I guess we like to be validated. Thanks guys.

The signature analog clock is a nice touch – Funny how you notice the small things when they are classy and unique. Everyone else is digital this and that, but the departure from a digital clock is smart.

Fit and Finish:

Wonderful. This product just gets better every time I test drive one. My friend Sergio works at Nissan and I get the sense it is also a good company to work for. And it stands to reason that people who work for the company will do a better job if they like the team. That’s what makes winners. Kudos’ to all the Nissan team.


I guessed it right on the nose. After a while I can pretty much guess within a thousand or two what the car will cost. This one was easy and I feel it is worth the money.


You won’t see all the great stuff but you’ll feel it in the ride and handling. This is a very well appointed car befitting its overall quality. It’s obvious they pulled out all the stops.

Consumer Recommendation:

This has been a favorite of mine and now the styling improvements in my opinion make it one of the cars of the year in my book.

The Competition:

2005 Infiniti G35 $30-33,000, 2005 Subaru Legacy $21-29,000, Mercedes Benz C-Class $26-54,000, Lexus ES 330 $32,000, Audi A4 $26-44,000, Saab 9-3 $27-43,000, Volkswagen Passat $22-30,000, Lexus IS 300 $30-31,000, Jaguar X-Type $30-31,000, Nissan 350Z $27-37,000, Acura TL $33-35,000, Acura TSX $27-29,000, BMW 3-Series $30-36,000, Chrysler 300 $24-40,000, Cadillac CTS $31-51,000,Volvo S40 $24-28,000.

Good News:

Great design, well put together, fun to drive, just the right size, a bunch of standard stuff that is really cool and not bad fuel economy either.

Bad News:

Ok, so this may be a car with too many things and too smart for its own britches. I had a little glitch in the electrical … like the car quit running. But it was something simple.

Standard Equipment:

3.5 liter 298 hp V6 front engine with continuous variable valve timing control, 6-speed manual transmission with rear wheel drive, independent front and rear sport tuned suspension with 4-wheel power assisted anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution (EBD), viscous limited slip differential, engine speed sensitive power steering, VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), traction control and Cruise control. Xenon headlights with integrated fog lights, 18 inch aluminum alloy wheels, power heated outside mirrors, audio system with 6-in dash CD with MP3 playback, illuminated steering wheel audio controls, leather seats with heated front seats and 8-way power adjustments on the drivers seat – 4-way on the passenger seat, aluminum trim, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, power windows with auto up and down, climate control, temp and compass display, illuminated visor mirrors, folding rear center armrest with pass through, cargo net and tie down anchors, dual front and side air bags, roof mounted curtain side impact air bags front and rear, child anchors and tethers, remote keyless entry, security system with immobilizer and tire pressure monitor system with warning light.

Gas Stats:

19 City and 26 Highway MPG


MSRP $30,600.

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