2005 Hummer H2 (558)

2005 Hummer H2
This week we’re stepping into the 2005 Hummer H2 that reminds me how much I’m looking forward to comparing it and other SUVs to the H3. They just hit the press fleet and I’m scheduling one now.

I always enjoy driving this special vehicle, beginning with the original H1 Alpha that was slightly adjusted for street use right from Desert Storm. It is unique in the whole world that is so populated with commonplace everything that can be so boring. This will add a little spice to your life. You also don’t get much better for off road confidence. The wide track gives that feeling of stability. Surely I don’t get that feeling in other high profile SUVs. You do get that feeling you can take on all the terrorist single handed, even if your name isn’t John Rambo.

I took the time to go the long way from the high desert to Los Angeles. Up over the San Gabriel mountains (via Sand Canyon) and you’d be impressed. I didn’t hold back and felt very comfortable even in turns at 30 mph over recommended speeds. It is amazingly sure footed for such a big guy.

Public Service item: Occasionally I notice something I have to share with my readers. Ok, so you’ll say that I have a keen sense of the obvious but here goes anyway. A simple driving tip and common courtesy to avoid “Road Rage” is that if you find you are “Not” passing cars in the lane to your right, you should move into that lane. That prevents those traveling faster than you from having to pass on the right. I’ve gotta tell you, if you’ve ever driven the roads in Europe, you know what I mean. They have to be the most aware and polite drivers in the world. I’ve driven in some of Asia and much of Europe. I love European drivers.

General Info:

Parts – US

Assembly – Mishawaka, Indiana, USA

Class:  – Special Purpose – SUV

Cars:  H1 Alpha, H2 and H3

Handling & Performance:

This is more practical than the H1 because it is a full foot narrower so it actually fits in a usual parking space and making it generally easier to maneuver. It also rides really well. I took the H1 up to Las Vegas to deliver a large piece of equipment and forgot my kidney belt. Not a good thing. So this H2 was a welcomed change and improvement on the handling characteristics of the H1. The H2 is also very fast and that means it will suck up gas like it were cheaply abundant. The range, of course, is still 300 miles as is common with all cars. They simply provide a gas tank big enough for the cars performance that will give it a range of 300 miles. For the guzzlers the tank just get bigger.


Unique. Your Hummer won’t be confused with any other car on the planet. That’s why I believe it is so popular. What a fluke… from the Desert Storm short war to the streets. Only in America.

Fit and Finish:

Rugged. But this H2 is more refined than the original H1 as you’d expect. When the H2 hit the scene you knew it would become more SUV’ish and the trend continues with the H3.


It will set you back half of the price of the H1 so it goes to show you that the more extreme the higher the price tag. So is this just a wanna-be Hummer? For most people they won’t see much difference except the cost is half of the original.


Typical of most SUVs. It is equipped however with equipment to allow it to cross water up to the doors, or past the wheel wells. You can do that in a passenger car but not guaranteed.

Consumer Recommendation:

If you want to be different, do off roading for fun or necessity, tower over other traffic and come out on top in case of an accident and finally don’t care what the cost of moving a truck this size you can’t help wanting one of these Hummers. You can’t be disappointed because there isn’t really anything to compare it too. You’re all alone in a sea of sameness. And you’ll sit tall in the saddle Cowboy!

The Competition:

VW Touareg $37-58,000, Hummer H2 $52,000, Cadillac Escalade $54-70,000, Lincoln Aviator $41-44,000, GMC Yukon Denali $50-52,000, Audi Allroad quattro $40-47,000, Land Rover LR3 $38-49,000, Volvo XC90 $35-45,000, Acura MDX $37-44,000, BMW X5 $42-70,000, Infiniti FX $35-46,000, Porsche Cayenne $41-89,000, Lexus GX 470 $46,225, Mercedes M-Class $40-49,000.

Good News:

Unique driving experience, superior off road ability, great sound system and it is cost competitive. Great if you want a war fortress in the sense that Sports Cars are like Jet fighter cockpits and V-Dubs are rather cutsie and trucks and sedans are serviceable.

Bad News:

Horrible gas-guzzler

Standard Equipment:

6.0 liter 325 hp V8 engine, 4-speed auto trans, 3-piece ‘ladder’ type frame, indep front suspension with torsion bars, coil spring rear suspension, electronic transfer case, electronic locking rear differential, traction contool, front and rear recovery loops, dual front air bags, remote keyless entry, 4-wheel disc brakes, auto headlight control, theft deterrent system, onstar system one year included, leather seating, 8-way power heated front seats with driver memory, fold flat 2nd row heated seats, rear seat audion controls, triple sealed doors, driver information center, leather wrapped tilt steering wheel, stereo with CD and cassette players, Bose premium speaker system, heated power folding mirrors, front winch receiver, underbody production, class II trailer hitch.

Gas Stats:

”Horrible” City and “Not much Better” Highway MPG


MSRP $52,430.

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