2003 Hummer H2 (431)


I like this new Hummer H2 much more than the H1. But both are about as practical as owning a fighter jet or a tank. On the other hand it is kind-a cool and surely takes the SUV experience to the Max.

People look, but you’ve got to wonder – are they thinking, “That guy or gal is nuts” or are they thinking it’s as cool as I do. Ok, it’s a Rambo-mobile and guys are brain dead, right ladies? Come on you can tell us how you feel about this “Guy thing”. Can you imagine a woman buying an H2? Let me know what you think, but several ladies have been seen driving on the streets of Los Angeles.

Here are some stats on the H2 that only Tim Allen kind of guys can appreciate: It is said to be the most capable off-road vehicle in the world. Ground clearance is 10.5 inches with an approach angle of 41.7 degrees and departure angle of 38.1 degrees, which explains why it can climb over 16-inch rocks and ford streams of 20 inches. (I did more than that in the H1 because it is a 6.5-liter Turbocharged Diesel… argh, argh, argh). The H1 diesel puts out only 195 horsepower vs. 316 from the gas power V8 in the H2. It has 35-inch tires, which are the largest on any GM Passenger vehicle. It is taller (77.8 inches) than H1 and longer (189.8 inches). It is over 3 inches taller than the Tahoe and believe it or not it is only 2 inches wider, and 9 inches shorter.

The H2 has great acceleration – like a football center that is also qualified to be a wide receiver. This is truly the Superbowl of SUV contenders.

I got much the same response driving this H2 as I did riding my Harley. There is an obvious “Club” that surrounds this type of vehicle. They are extreme, exhilarating and give you a greater sense of your environment. Driving the H2 is surreal and transports you into another dimension. You’re suddenly in the Twilight Zone. What man wouldn’t want to own one of these? In a heartbeat I’d own one if… dear, would you mind if I bought an H2?

General Info:

Parts – US

Assembly – Mishawaka, Indiana USA

Class:  – Special Purpose

Cars: – H1 & H2.

Handling & Performance:

Definitely a hand full but surprisingly easy to drive. It fits in parking spaces just fine – remember it is only 2 inches wider than the Chevy Tahoe. On the other hand, it has lousy rear view visibility, especially with the spare tire inside rear that displaces one possible passenger. Forward visibility is quite good. Off-road is fun and very capable. They did a great job of marrying the smooth highway-driving ride to an easy transition to rugged off-road conditions.

The H2 is faster, much quieter and far more comfortable and smooth riding than the H1 without loss of off-road prowess.


It is (relatively speaking) more practical because of size and is simply more SUV-like in design and interior look and feel. It has the same military inspired design with the very straight windshield so reminiscent of the duce and a half I drove in the Navy. It seats 5 with an optional 3rd row seat for a 6th. The spare tire takes up the other half of the cargo area.

Fit and Finish:

Great – relative to the original that was really “Desert Stormy”.


Just like any other SUV or car for that matter. All the comforts of home. In fact the seats are large like your overstuffed easy chair in the den.


Ladies, if this gets your football watching, couch potato man out, it’s worth the $50 grand. But most won’t be able to justify the H2 as a daily driver and for the average Joe it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put a “depreciating” $50,000 asset in the garage to collect dust.

So who will buy the H2? GM says, “He is likely a very successful, self confident risk taker, personally and professionally. They are passionate, irreverent individuals who don’t mind driving attention-getting vehicles. They are predominately male, college educated with an average income north of $150,000.”

H1 goes for $100,000 plus, so for those who like the idea of a military type of vehicle, $50,000 is affordable. Did you hear that honey – it is affordable?

Consumer Recommendation:

Not recommended for normal transportation. But then, who’s normal. Speaking of normal and contrary to Shirley MacLaine you only go around once, so go for it. These H2’s are going to sell well and they’re only building 40,000. If the demand is as high as I expect you can count on price increases.

The Competition: (in order of avg. price).

Hummer H2 $48,454, Chevrolet Tahoe $34-37,000, Ford Expedition $31-41,000, GMC Yukon $34-37,000, Land Rover Range Rover $71,200, Lexus LX 470 $63,125, Lincoln Navigator $48-54,000, Toyota Land Cruiser $53,405.

Good News:

Different, comfortable, quiet, powerful and exciting to drive.

Bad News:

Difficult to maneuver around town, lousy visibility in close areas especially rear view, poor fuel consumption and hard to get in and out of.

Standard Equipment:

6.0 liter V8 316 horsepower engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, electronic locking rear differential, traction control, dual air bags, remote entry, 4 wheel ABS disc brakes, auto headlight control, theft deterrent system, Bose 9-speaker in-dash CD/Cassette stereo system, OnStar communications systems, 8 way power seats, 2-position memory driver seat, dual zone air conditioning, triple sealed doors, driver information center (computer), leather wrapped tilt steering wheel, 6 power outlets, tinted windows, heated power outside folding mirrors, front winch receiver, underbody protection, Class III trailer hitch and all terrain tires.

Gas Stats:

Note that no data was readily available so compare the following: the 5000 lb. Tahoe 4.8 liter 275 horsepower gets 14 and 18 mpg respectively. The H2 is 6400 lbs. with a 6.0 liter 316 horsepower V8 engine so I’m guessing… But I bet I’m close. It has a 32-gallon tank, and all manufacturers engineer all cars for a 300-mile range, for you trivia buffs.

7 City and 12 Highway MPG.


MSRP $48,065.

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