2002 Isuzu Axiom (380)


This weeks flavor is the Isuzu Axiom for 2002. Naturally, if you’re inquisitive you’re probably wondering what the name means. Well, out of about 50,000 entries into a naming contest in 1999, an engineer won for his suggestion because of its definition of “a self-evident truth”.

What is self-evident is that now more trucks are sold in America than cars. And people don’t seem to care about the gas guzzling nature of this half truck, half car mode of transportation. Just when I thought gas prices were out of control, the government steps in to put pressure on the gas companies after the disaster of Sept. 11th. Good for us, but it only begs the issue that we’ll have to pay the piper sooner or later. Personally I wouldn’t want to be stuck with a car that gets such lousy gas mileage. Obviously I’m alone in this thinking.

Handling & Performance:

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice a handling SUV it is. When you put your foot in it the power is there at 230 horsepower, which is at the top end of the competition noted below. Zero to 60 is a respectable 8 seconds.


Opinion will be wide and varied when it comes to how it looks. Perhaps a little odd would be the answer from some based on the queer looks I got driving it around town.  I don’t believe it is as far out as the Pontiac Aztek, but it isn’t ordinary either. The “automotively correct” term is “Crossover” for vehicles that join two styles or types. In this case the Axiom is a rendition of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and a passenger car. That means the consumer gets the utility of a truck and the comfort of a car. Avalanche does the best job of “Crossover” in my opinion.

Fit and Finish:

Solid – final assembly is Japan, best describes this new arrival to this wildly successful market segment. Nicely done and as good as the most expensive of the bunch.


Typical and on the high end.


Competitive as you can see from the prices of its rivals.


I have no bent either for or against this carmakers product, but it is clearly as good as anything in its field. I definitely would include it in my comparison to determine what’s best for me.

The competition:

 Isuzu Axiom $27-31,000, Chevrolet Trail Blazer $25-34,000, Dodge Durango $25-37,000, Ford Explorer $21-34,000, Jeep Grand Cherokee $25-37,000, Mitsubishi Montero Sport $23-33,000, Nissan Pathfinder $26-31,000, Toyota 4Runner $25-36,000.

Good News:

Futuristic styling, comfortable, classy and roomy interior, good standard equipment, priced very competitively, and a good warranty.

Bad News:

 Poor gas mileage, narrow rear door, questionable styling, and traction control not available.

Standard Equipment:

3.5 liter 230 horsepower V6 engine, 4-speed auto trans, dual air bags, child locks, air conditioning, power windows and door locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, power leather seats, FM radio with cassette and CD player, sunroof, alloy wheels.

Gas Stats:

16 City and 20 Highway MPG.


MSRP $31,335.

Your comments are welcomed. My e-mail is joe@atthewheel.com

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