2001 Mercedes Benz C320 (336)


This week we’re looking at the Mercedes Benz C320 5-passenger Sedan, and if you haven’t guessed from past reviews about Mercedes Benz automobiles or reference to them, these are my favorite cars perhaps in the world. In the weeks to follow I will be talking about other Mercedes Benz models including the ML430 and the E320 Wagon.

Yes, I get a thrill driving Ferrari and other very unique and special cars, but you pay for the difference in big bucks. You have to ask yourself, do I really need the added engineering and special touches simply to go from one place to another? Should driving “BE” the journey, or should the destination be more important. Do you need to impress people or are you a self-assured person who needs no icon of who you are, beside “Who you Are”?

Well, at the end of the day, we pick out a car we think we’ll look good in, and one that makes us feel good about ourselves. We hear so often “You are what you drive”. That’s poppycock and advertising hype to make us spend more on a car that we can afford. If we bought what we need we would spend 25% of the cost of this C320. And more importantly we have changing needs and for the price of one Mercedes we could just about have one of each type of car, truck, van, SUV and motorcycle for the same money. Go figure.

For me however, and only after driving nearly every car imaginable, I’d most likely pick the Mercedes Benz line of cars for my personal passenger car for some right and wrong reasons.

Handling & Performance:

Bellisimo – Simply the best of the best. Just take one for a ride through the mountains. They hug the road and truly love of the curves as much as I do.


In my view, it is second to none, but I have a love affair with Ferrari because they are beautifully classy cars. Cars like this say, “you’ve arrived”. And we all know the world perceives you differently based on the car you drive, because people truly think “You are what you drive”.

Fit and Finish:

Without question this is the finest manufactured car in the world. Sorry Rolls Royce. And although I love the class of a Ferrari, Italian cars are not known for trouble free driving. I remember my Fiat (Fix it again Tony). Jaguar and other British made cars are easily as bad. But don’t get me wrong, BMW and Audi have terrible quality histories, and they’re both German made.


There are no cars that do more to pamper you. From moisture sensing windshield wipers to air-conditioned seats in some models. Mercedes will pleasantly surprise you at every turn.


Expensive, but not bad for all you get, and much more affordable than you’d expect. And if you really want to look cool but don\’t have the dough, lease it in today\’s world with an attitude that you should \”Fly now, Pay later\”.


Drive a Mercedes Benz so you can judge other cars based on that driving experience. This is the “Cadillac of the 21st Century” and the standard by which all cars must be measured. Sorry Cadillac, but Mercedes has unquestionably eclipsed the “Standard of Excellence” which was Cadillac for the 20th Century.

The Competition:

Acura TL $28,880-33,230,Audi A4 $24,540-30,990, BMW 3-Series $26,990-42,400, Cadillac Catera $31,305, Infiniti I30 $29,465-31,540, Jaguar X-Type $29,950, Lexus IS 300 $30,805, Lincoln LS $32,090-36,120, Volvo S40 $23,500-27,350.

Good News:

Best of the best in most categories.

Bad News:

Expensive to buy.

Standard Equipment:

3.2 liter 215 horsepower V6 engine, 5-speed automatic trans, dual zone climate control, leather seating, wood trim, leather steering wheel and shift knob, SmartKey, cruise control, digital sound system with weather band and cassette, 12 way electric front seats, multifunction steering wheel with tilt and telescopic adjustment, power windows, auto headlights, trip computer, emergency calling communications system, dual front and side air bags, antitheft system, ESP – electronic stability program, 4-wheel ABS disc brakes, rain sensing intermittent wiper system, glass sunroof.

Gas Stats:

19 City and 26 Highway MPG.


MSRP – $39,560

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