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2000 Plymouth Voyager

[gallery link="file" ids="4336,4337"] Overview: This 2000 Plymouth Voyager along with all minivans are perhaps the best family cars ever produced. They are low slung so little people can get in and out easily, are comfortable and easy to maneuver. The model I drove was a trip back to basics, which  means no power...
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1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager Expresso (231)

[gallery link="file" ids="4356"] Overview:  This week’s review is one of the popular mini-vans. The Plymouth Voyager is basic and well priced, but sometime it’s the simple things that impress us. This was the case for simple me regarding the simple addition of a cargo net between the front seats. Does anyone else...
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1999 Plymouth Prowler (204)

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It doesn’t matter what your age; you have to love this Plymouth Prowler, now in its second year of production. Just when I thought cars were getting boring, Chrysler makes a statement that a major manufacturer can build exciting cars. This Prowler will capture your imagination....

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1998 Plymouth Neon (192)

[gallery link="file" ids="4367"] Overview: Chrysler has come a long way and their products are a testimony to the American will to survive and succeed. First impressions are lasting, someone said, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped into this Plymouth Neon. Surely "basic" came to mind and I...
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