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2017 Lincoln MKZ (1176)

By Phil Shuyler Look out for Lincoln. This longstanding nameplate (started in 1917) is working hard reimagining their brand, and their vehicles. The MKZ sedan has joined the fun and is updated for 2017. The first thing you’ll notice is that this doesn’t look like a Lincoln - or what we think...
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2010 Lincoln MKS (802)


This week we’re looking at the 2010 Lincoln MKS large sedan. Well I gotta tell you this was a neat car to drive. Like Batman you find yourself asking where do they get all these neat toys.

But when you use them you have to be amazed...

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2007 Lincoln Navigator (636)

Overview: This week we're looking at the 2007 Lincoln Navigator. My first impression was the feeling of being “conspicuous” like I'm wearing a scarlet letter that singles me out as socially irresponsible. The second impression was – If Ford is in financial trouble you couldn't tell it by the cars they...
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2001 Lincoln LS 4-door (337)

Overview: Ok folks, it's time to buy American. This week's version of Americana is from Ford that is as American as apple pie and Mount Rushmore. I wonder if the Brit's see it quite that way since Ford now owns Jaguar on which the Lincoln LS shares its platform. In any...
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2001 Lincoln Navigator (334)

Overview: This week we're looking at the Lincoln Navigator 4X2, much like the Ford Excursion and in direct competition with Cadillac's Escalade, in my opinion. Both are luxury cars equipped with all the things carmakers do to pamper us. I surely liked it as much as the Escalade and they are...
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