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2017 Range Rover Land Rover HSE

2017 Range Rover Land Rover HSE By Vince Bodiford With a profile that will put a hush over its rivals on or off road, the design is functional and distinctive. Inside, it’s pure luxury. Photos by Land Rover. King of SUV’s hauls royalty for a living In the world of SUV’s,...
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2004 Range Rover, by Land Rover (493)

Overview: This week I tested the 2004 Land Rover Range Rover. Is it just me or should they have named this the Ranger or something like that? This is an SUV that is noticeably “Substantial” and of high quality. You know, when you go looking for a suit or evening gown and...
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2000 Land Rover Discovery (282)

Overview: The 2000 Land Rover Discovery provides a different “touch of class” to the SUV market. It's not quite as different as the Hummer is, but it does have that look of take'n care of business. You know, safari style. It isn't without its faults, but by and large there is...
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