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2007 Hummer H3X (622)

Overview: This week we're looking at the 2007 Hummer H3X that rounds out the entire line of Hummers we've reviewed. I rather liked the scaled down Toyota FJ, but there is nothing like the real thing and this is the real article. The FJ, however, is also scaled down in price...
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2006 Hummer H3 SUV (576)

Overview: Returning to LAX I had the excitement of being greeted by the new 2006 Hummer H3 SUV. If you liked the H1 and warmed up to the H2 you surely will like this H3. GM has continued to downsize the original “Alpha” H1 Hummer while maintaining the look and feel into...
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2005 Hummer H2 (558)

2005 Hummer H2 Overview: This week we're stepping into the 2005 Hummer H2 that reminds me how much I'm looking forward to comparing it and other SUVs to the H3. They just hit the press fleet and I'm scheduling one now. I always enjoy driving this special vehicle, beginning with the original H1...
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2003 Hummer H2 (431)

Overview: I like this new Hummer H2 much more than the H1. But both are about as practical as owning a fighter jet or a tank. On the other hand it is kind-a cool and surely takes the SUV experience to the Max. People look, but you've got to wonder - are...
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2000 Hummer 4-passenger Open Top (323)

Overview: Why would anyone want to own a Hummer? A. Because it's practical, B. Because it's economical, C. Because it's a diesel, D. None of the above. – Answer: D. None of the above. Is that your final answer? Well there is no final answer, because there are many reasons to...
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1999 Hummer (238)

Overview: I could write a book about this Hummer that will have you humming a different tune from run-of-the-mill vehicles out there. But I'll try to keep it brief. For starters, what do you call it? Some say it shouldn't be allowed on the street. It doesn't look street legal, but...
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