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2000 Chrysler LHS (278)

Overview: Right out of the chute you have to notice the forward thinking styling of this 2000 Chrysler LHS.  You may not like it, but you have to notice it. That’s one thing I sensed immediately. And although I've heard it said, you either love it or hate it, my personal...
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1999 Chrysler Concorde (258)

Overview: Perhaps the most impressive thing to me in Chrysler's Concorde full-size 6-passenger, 4-door sedan is the price. It’s available in a single trim: the LX and the price is $21,740. The available engines are either a 2.7L V6 200-hp or a 3.2L V6 225-hp and a 4-Speed automatic transmission. With...
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1999 Chrysler LHS (253)

Overview: This weeks 1999 Chrysler LHS is a 5 passenger sedan and is the luxury flagship of the company. It’s totally redesigned and is rather unique. We’ve all heard of the paperless office, now Chrysler gives us the "paperless" car design where all aspects of the new model were created using...
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1998 Cirrus LXi 4-door Sedan (197)

Overview: The Cirrus LXi is "cookie cutter" but it won’t kill the budget. Good old American ingenuity. What began at the turn of the 20th century with Henry Ford’s Model T and later the Model A, continues with companies like Chrysler. Well, Ford’s only came in one color back then –...
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